"Guérir les Hommes en choyant la Terre"
Unfortunately, for the moment, this book exists only in french version.
You can find the details on the french page and buy it on the store.

CD - Retour aux sources
We made a CD with a group of friends about the Celtic tradition to diffuse some texts about nature, tales or priers adapted with an accompanying celtic music (harp for the major part).
The harp players are Jonny Robels and Volkert Volkmann for the mos
t of musics. The story-tellers are named Ozégan, Petits-pas, Eléanor, Claudia, the poets (druids or bardes) are named Erwan, Bran-Du,... We were about 15 persons.
However, all the texts are in french … and the music is in German (joke)

You can buy it on the store (15€ + postal fees)