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Natural healer - speaker - Artist - Author

Here are my activities about the connection to nature, and the celtic culture.

  1. Drawings - Tales
  2. Book
  3. Naturopathy - natural health
  4. Travels
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Who am I ?

I studied sciences at upper level (biology) then Naturopathy in a French Professional formation center : the CNR André Lafon. I obtained a certificate of Naturopath-Iridologist and I began practicing.
Three years later, the CNR entrusted me with the responsability of its regional training center in Rennes (Brittany - France). I taught naturopathy with great pleasure for many years.

I practiced naturopathy in several towns in France. During these years, I discovered the pleasure of animating workshops, internships, training and lectures. 

A break for family reasons allowed me to take time to draw and write. Just for myself at first, then it became essential and took a new place in my activities.